"You have inspired me to follow my heart and my dreams and I will never be able to thank you enough!"

Holly, 19 years old Voice student

"I’ve had you for a teacher for three wonderful years, and you’ve taught me so much. Most people who sing have a famous person as their great inspiration, but you are mine. You are a great singer, a caring teacher, and a strong person."

Jessica, 15 years old Voice Student

"I love singing and you have been my inspiration to do it. You are a wonderful and helpful teacher."

Amanda, 13 years old Voice Student

"You have taught me so much, about singing among other things, and I am proud to call you my teacher. You have raised my confidence as a singer and pushed me to be better in everything I do. "

Nicole, 16 years old Voice Student

"It is awesome and so amazing all the work I personally accomplished through voice lessons. My voice skills and pitches have improved, and I am having fun performing."

Nikka, 14 years old Voice Student

"You’ve taught me a lot about singing like how to breathe and much more and that is the reason I want to continue voice lessons."

Keith, 13 years old Voice Student

"Noelle has established herself as an extremely talented and motivated teacher who strives to instill a passion for music in her students."

Ally Roberts Drama Teacher and Voice Student

"Noelle consistently set an example for her peers through her high degree of professionalism, reliability, and personal integrity. In addition to being a gifted musician, Noelle is intelligent, insightful, and sensitive to the needs of those around her. Noelle is a hard working individual who continually strives for personal growth. Her dedication t her craft earned Noelle the 1998 Music Education Award from the School of Music, an honor bestowed by unanimous consent of the music faculty."

Dr. Robert S. Frelly Director of Music Education
Chapman University

"I found Noelle to be an excellent musician. She is thoroughly trained in choral and vocal pedagogy and has the ability to communicate musical concepts in a clear, concise, and creative manner. She is able to establish and maintain a classroom climate that is controlled, businesslike and a great deal of fun. The students enjoy her teaching and work hard to attain the high performance skills and goals that have been established."

Dr. Philip D. Hayes School of Education
Chapman University

"Out of 65 music teachers in the school district, Noelle was a leader among our vocal music staff. Her work in vocal music at the middle school and high school was very well-respected among her colleagues in the district and within the Southern California community. She prepared her groups and received “Superior” rating at adjudicated festivals within the district and regionally. I’ve observed Noelle’s ensembles in concert, festival and in class and can tell you from first-hand experience that she is an expert in teaching and motivating students to produce high-quality music with a variety of repertoire. In each middle school and high school she taught in the program grew every year because students have a wonderful rapport with Noelle and they feel proud of the music which is produced during their time in class with her."

Barbara Scholl Director of Music
Capistrano Unified School District

"Noelle is highly enthusiastic and knowledgeable as to music methods, repertoire, and vocal technique. Her rapport with students is warm, yet she is firm with discipline. Noelle is extremely personable and is a team player. She is ever eager to try something new, to share ideas, and to learn. Colleagues enjoy working with Mrs. Catiller; students and parents respect and admire her."

Sandra Cupp Choral Director
Capistrano Unified School District