Community Theater

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Temecula Valley Players www.temeculavalleyplayers.com
N-PAC Norris Performing Arts Center www.n-pac.com
The Barn Stage Company www.thebarnstagecompany.com

Youth Theater

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Christian Youth Theater www.cytriverside.org
Fine Arts Network www.fantheater.com
Ivy Players www.ivyplayers.com

Other Theater Companies

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Other Theater Companies https://temeculaca.gov/560/Resident-Companies-Auditions


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Compass Charter School www.compasscharters.org
Dimensions Collaborative www.dimensions.org
Inspire Charter Schools www.inspireschools.org
Julian Charter School www.juliancharterschool.org
Sage Oak Charter School www.sageoak.education
Sky Mountain Charter School www.skymountaincs.org
Springs Charter School www.springscs.org/vendors/approved-vendors-school

Translation and Diction

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Free Translation www.freetranslation.com
Diction Domain www.dictiondomain.com

Music Theory

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MusicTheory.Net www.musictheory.net
Sight Reading Factory www.sightreadingfactory.com

Music Stores

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J.W. Pepper www.jwpepper.com
Amazon www.amazon.com
Sheet Music Plus www.sheetmusicplus.com
Download Sheet Music www.musicnotes.com

Karaoke Online Stores

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iTunes www.iTunes.com
Shop Karaoke www.shopkaraoke.com
KaraFun www.karafun.com

Careers in Music

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MENC: The National Association For Music Education www.nafme.org/music-college-and-career-resources/
Artist House Music www.artistshousemusic.org
Majoring In Music www.marjoringinmusic.com